Byte vs Candid: Teeth Straightening at Home

The first thing people notice about you is your smile. A beautiful smile can be the difference between warming up yours but also someone else’s day. That misalignment of your front teeth or that one crocked tooth might be quite noticeable and throwing away your million-dollar smile. This was candid, and Byte comes into play. Both are products used to align your teeth. In this review, we will compare candid or byte teeth straightening aligners.  

Both of these products more or less work on the same principles. These are also called clear aligners. As the name suggests, they do away with the traditional braces put on by your Dentist with a more transparent and clearer braces.  

Byte Vs. Candid: The working science between the two products. 

The main working principle involved in these two products is that both use force to exert pressure on the tooth. The force stretches the periodontal ligament (connective tissues that attach the tooth to where it sits). This force applied on the tooth stretches the periodontal ligament on one side of the root and stretches on the other side.

That compressing and stretching of the ligament by the clear braces causes the release of a hormone. This hormone is called prostaglandin hormone (it is a hormone found in tissues of human beings). So, what this hormone does is, it will send signals to the body so that I know that a repair needs to take place, just like with any injuries to the body. Cells responsible for remodelling the bone will start working. Some of the cells will remove the bone on the compressed side, while some will lay bone on the stretched area. 

So, this damage caused stretching and compressing signals the body to start the repair forces cause the right alignment of the tooth or teeth.

Like said above, both these products more or less work on the same principle. But the difference could come from how the treatment process is and how well they implement it.

Let us discuss more on this on the mentioned topics below.

Byte Vs. Candid: How the products work? Why Byte?

Both candid and Byte clear braces work on the treatment of the customers in almost the same way.

How does Byte work? 

Choosing Byte will help you get your treatment done without having to leave the comfort of your home. First thing, you will have to order an impression kit online. After it arrives, you will have to mold your teeth and send them back; we are a team of dental experts who will review your mold to help make the best braces fit right for you.

The review process does not take too long. After the team of dental experts reviews your mold and determines you are qualified for the treatment, you will be notified. Here you will have to make payments for your clear aligners.

After your clear braces arrive, you will have to wear them for at least 22 hours a day. The two hours are given for you to do your necessary daily needs like eating food. For activities like those, you can take it off. You must not wear braces when you have food.

One of the most important features about Byte is that it comes along with HyperByte for free. This device is compulsory to use daily for 5 mins so that you will have faster results. This is also one of the more essential things that set Byte apart from the rest. 

How does Candid work? 

Candid works more or less the same as Byte. First, you order an impression kit and take a mold of your teeth. After which you have to send it back and make the payments for your clear braces. 

The key difference here is that Candid offers the individuals free scanning of their teeth at their studios in different parts of the country. This ensures that if you are having doubts that your teeth alignment is not going well, then you have an option to get it scanned and make some changes. 

Another critical point to note is that Candid does not offer free HyperByte devices like Byte. 

Why choose Byte over Candid? 

One key difference that makes Byte stand out as the clear winner in the section is it is time to get the results. With Byte, one is given a compulsory new revolutionary technology called the HyperByte device. Though Candid uses the same technology as well, Byte has gone the extra mile to implement invitational concepts in this field to help shape and align the teeth faster. 

This HyperByte device uses gentle vibrations to produce faster results. Though other products charge hundreds of dollars for this device Byte includes the HyperByte device in your kit for free. This ensures that the customers get better satisfaction and faster results in around three months.  

Byte Vs. Candid: Treatment plan

In terms of the treatment plan for these two products, both Byte and Candid offers definite plans

Byte treatment plan:

Byte offers two treatment plans. The first one is your regular day time plan, and the other is a night-time plan. If you opt for the night-time plan, you will have to only wear it during the night for at least a minimum of 10-hours per day. If you opt for the daytime plan, you get faster results by at least half the time it takes for other braces. This is done by the use of the new technology called HyperByte. 

Byte also adds an option for teeth withing if you require it. Most of the team of experts that are review and helping you out with the treatment consist of licensed Dentist and orthodontists. 

Candid treatment plan:

Compared to Bytes, treatment plans candid offers some different style of assessment of the patient or customer.

One crucial thing that Candid does differently than Byte is that it offers free scanning of your teeth at different studios located all around the country. However, it does not provide a night-time plan like Byte but does allow you to use withering and aligners in parallel.  

One main advantage of Candid is that the company states that it only works with the licensed orthodontist. 

Which treatment plan is better? Candid or Byte? 

It a close call as both these products have outstanding customer care and support with an expert team 24 /7. In terms of features and convenience, and the sheer speed of the treatment, Byte has a better treatment plan and has a better recommendation. 

Byte Vs. Candid: Pricing

Candid pricing: Candid offers two types of treatment plans.

  • The first one is directly full upfront payment of $2,400.
  • The second one is the option of a monthly payment. Here you have to pay 99 dollars per month for nine months with the interest of 399 dollars.

Byte pricing: Byte offers two types of treatment plans.

  • The first treatment plan is the byte all-day treatment plan and cost $1895 of full payment.
    • The second treatment plan is the byte night-time plan, which costs you 2245 dollars.
    • The impression kit costs an additional $95.  


1. Will the clear aligners change your bite?

  • Absolutely not. When you have the clear aligners are put on, it’ll still fall into place naturally. You will not even feel the difference when you wear it, and you will not even know that you have it on.

2. Do the clear braces work?

  • Yes, it does. But it is a slow and gradual process, and if you do it correctly as advised, you will see noticeable changes in a few months.

3. Are they difficult to take off?

  • Yes, and also no. Initially, you might have difficulty removing it, but daily you gradually get better at removing it.

4. Does the clear bracer fit perfectly?

  • Yes, they fit perfectly, but sometimes you would have to adjust the edges by using the filer to smoothen the edges not to feel any discomfort.

5. How do you clean the clear braces?

  • Your aligners come with a cleaner called BrightByte that you used to clean your aligners. 


All in all, Byte provides the customer or user with the best services. The addition of the free HyperByte is a showstopper and at the cost of zero expenses. Due to this, it offers results faster. In terms of pricing and plan, it excels. Therefore, if you are looking for a quick fix to your beautiful million-dollar smile, then Byte would be your best bet and solution.